This page has been put together for the Darke County Meow Project by Michael Blackwell to show credibility for himself and his company, Dry Rain Media.

Please do not hesitate to call, text or email with any questions.


Why Are We Here?

My name is Michael Blackwell.  A lot of businesses have a website that is basically an online brochure… in a closet.  It is literally doing nothing for them and, definitely, isn’t generating any revenue or leads for them.

I have been in the industry since 1998 and a business owner since 2004: I can confidently say that our websites are revenue generating machines and have taken businesses to a new level by giving them, essentially, a free salesman.

One | We Build Websites

A community’s news source website specialized in localized content, media, and advertisements.

Four Main Objectives:

  1. Enhance User Experience
  2. Enhance Vendor’s Experience
  3. Enhance Entity’s Experience
  4. Rinse & Repeat

  • Includes all original content, images, and any other media.
  • 100% Responsive – Works on all devices
  • News Source Website
  • Different Authors + Ability to Post Content
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Email Subscription List
  • Emphasis on Categories in Slideshow
  • Calendar w/ Enhanced Experience
  • Weather Widgets
  • News w/ Town Info/Minutes
  • Different User Roles
  • Photo Galleries
  • Built in WordPress
  • Two Separate Websites – Desktop & Mobile = 2 Builds
  • Delivered within 90 days
  • Potential for Gamification/User Accomplishments
  • Potential for Push Notifications

Goal is to hit the four main objectives starting in Darke County, Ohio.

Two | We Rank Websites

Ranking a website is different than ranking the Google Map Business Listing.  This is called Organic Rankings.  Using a phone or laptop, go to Google and type “Barn Builder Dayton Ohio”

We did the website for Dayton Barns & All Steel Buildings.

Scroll below the Google Map listings and you will see a list of websites. 

These are the organic rankings.  The only way to achieve Page 1 of Organic Rankings is with Internet Marketing (also called Search Engine Optimization SEO). The only way to get on page 1 is to do this monthly. 

Three | We Rank Google Map Listings

Google Map Listings are completely different from your website

It takes separate hours of work and, when done well, becomes a separate funnel for leads and revenue working along side your website.

When you search for your main service keyword, you’ll notice the Top 3 Google Map Listings aka The Google Map Pack.

Being in the top 3 can increase your business by 80% in some niches.

If you aren’t in the Map Pack, you’re missing out on an entirely new level of business! 

Four | Monthly Updates & Protection

A giant misunderstanding about web development is that once the website is live and online, it will automatically just work from that day forward.

A website is never finished, it is never done.  You need to think of it like a relationship, this website needs constant care, attention and upgrades, edits and changes.

Many different softwares run your website and they get updated as softwares get better.  But, as more and more websites begin accepting user’s information, hackers step up their game, as well.

Running a website without a monthly maintenance package is like dating someone once, calling them your spouse, and then never taking them out on a date again.

It would never work.

We can discuss these packages whenever you are ready for this information and pricing.

Five | Credibility

-Michael Blackwell

I’ve been in the industry since 1999 and a business owner in it since 2004; there is nothing I haven’t seen nor done when it comes to Online Marketing.

A Recent Sample of Our Work:

Six | References

Abel Gonzalez
Owner of BarrelHouse Barber

(813) 377-6292

Eric Olson
Owner of Dayton Barns

(937) 203-5902

DeLane Patterson
Owner of Open Range Pest Control

(623) 866-9719

Lisa Lee
Owner of Hoss Lee Academy

(916) 726-5577

Types of Websites We Have Created

This is a partial list, everything we have done is not on here.

Also, some are still online and some are not.

However, we can provide samples of each job done as we normally take screenshots and more for our portfolio pieces.

  1. Agencies/SEO/Online marketing
  2. Restaurants (with online ordering)
  3. Real Estate (with real-time IDX listing feeds)
  4. Car Dealerships (VIN number auto-populates car for sale and all info/features)
  5. Yoga
  6. Travel Agency
  7. Interior Design
  8. Business Consultant / Business Coach
  9. Conference / Event / Meet Up
  10. Auto Repair
  11. Architecture Firms
  12. Law Firm
  13. Handyman/Construction Company
  14. Carpenter
  15. Electrician
  16. Plumber
  17. Remodeling
  18. Painter
  19. Jeweler
  20. Doctors
  21. Dentists
  22. Vets
  23. Pharmacy
  24. Therapist
  25. Job Recruiting Websites
  26. Animal Shelters
  27. Wedding/Wedding Planners/Events
  28. IT services/Tech Support/Help (with support ticket systems)
  29. Transportation Rental/Limos/Cars/Party Bus
  30. Insurance
  31. Accountant
  32. Moving Company
  33. Catering / Food
  34. Nursery/Farmers Market/Gardeners
  35. Beauty Services – Massage, Makeup, Hair, Waxing, Spa
  36. Cleaning Company
  37. Bed and Breakfast
  38. Political Candidates
  39. Health/Nutritionist
  40. Funeral Home
  41. Personal Trainer/Fitness Gym
  42. Churches
  43. Driving School
  44. Sports Clubs
  45. Notary
  46. Day Care
  47. Laundry Services
  48. Charity
  49. Suit Tailor
  50. Digital Products
  51. Non-Profits
  52. Physical Therapy
  53. Investment Company

Seven | Cost

This website is designed to generate advertisement sales, boost local businesses, and to help save small towns in America from becoming lost in progression by becoming a source of all answers within their area.

New Elite Website

This pricing is for one website – you are technically purchasing two websites: one desktop and one mobile.

  • 60 hours per website ($80/hour)
    • 2-3 hours setup domain, hosting, databases
    • 50 hours programming functionality
    • 7-8 hours graphics & aesthetics
    • 10-15 hours testing/tweaking (not charging for this)
  • Paid In Full: $4,800 per website
  • Half Upfront: $2,600 (then $2,600 due at launch)
  • Other Payment Plans Available
  • Hosting: $20/month or $200/year via our service or you are welcome to shop elsewhere and purchase it.
  • If cost is too much, we can remove hours in design/graphics and re-present a quote.

“I still have questions.”
That Is Okay!

-Michael Blackwell
Call or Text Me Directly @ 937.829.8128

Tldr; Two websites (desktop/mobile), each one costs $4,800 paid in full or two payments of $2,600; other payment plans available. Website Upkeep and Marketing costs are separate.