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Start Your Online Education Business

An all in one education software that works! Our system is an easy to use learning management system coded on WordPress. Create and sell courses online, collaborate with instructors, earn commissions. Grow your audience and earn more money ! 

Your Very Own Digital University

Start sharing your knowledge, educating others and seeing residual income from your course(s).

The more lines in the water, the more fish you’re going to catch, it’s that simple.

Your business is going great but, what if, you could make a course one-time and continue to get paid for it every, single day?

You create the courses (we can help you here, too!) and let our system do everything else.


Course Management

Add/edit courses, add students, remove students, see student activity, scores, reports, statistics and more.

User Dashboard

One stop area to update & notify Instructors and Students. Show statistics, graphs, news, downloads and much more. *Premium Feature

Activity Recording

User activity recording, see what your users did and when on your site, in your courses. *Premium Feature

Easy Notifications

Inbuilt notifications, messaging and emails at 30+ action points to keep students and instructors updated.

Quizzes & Questions

Static Quizzes, Dynamic quizzes, Sections quiz with manual and automatic evaluations. 8 Type of questions available. *Premium Feature

Badges & Certificates

Award course badges and certificates. Certificate code validator and share your achievements on social networks. *Premium Feature

Private Messaging

You have your own social network with messaging, forums and more. *Premium Feature

Infinite Shelf Life

Make one course and sell it forever; this is the best way to start making some money from your expertise.

You’re Always Getting Asked To Mentor Others

Time to finally do this – time to step up and create your online education system where you show others how to do exactly what it is you do so well.  Let us help you create your first course and start bringing in money every single month from your course.

No Tech Skills Needed

So, you’re not a computer person.  That’s why we’re here.

You do what you do best and we do what we do best.  So let’s team up and start making some money together utilizing both your knowledge and our skills in tech.

Build your residual income

You’re making good money doing what you do every day – let’s take it to the next level by establishing yourself as a mentor.

We’re not saying you have to give away all of your trade secerets in this course (or you can, if you want), but we can guarantee putting up an online education system is the new way of making online utilizing skills we already contain.

Online Education is a multi-billion dollar industry… why aren’t you involved with it?

Money on Auto Pilot

After the first few months, almost every question that could be asked has been asked – and answered.

After a certain point, this becomes monthly income without having to do any work.  We even have packages where we will maintain all of the support for your course(s).

Cash in on your expertise by educating others in your field.

“Michael’s team had our system up & running in a few weeks!

We kind of knew where we were going with the course but we don’t know anything tech or anything about even getting a website started.  After a call with Michael, we knew we made the right decision with him and his team.  We were online and making money within a week!

Dan Klein, Job Killing


How do I even get started? I don’t even know where to start.

No problemo.  You’re an expert in a certain area – our system is setup to be easily navigated without needing to know anything about website design or coding.

Give us a shout and let us start you through the process of getting a system online ASAP.

Can I have multiple courses?

Yes, absolutely.  You can have multiple courses, instructors and even message boards/forums.

Does this software ever need updated?

Yes, like any website, everything that is used to build it needs updated weekly (monthly, at minimum).  If you do not have a web developer in house, we highly recommend our maintenance package.

Can we accept payments?

This system is designed to accept payments of all kinds from PayPal to credit/debit cards.

Can this be used for an actual university?

Yes, that is actually the best way to describe what you get – an online university.  We have a plethora of options available for it.

Can I track student's activity?

Yes, our system is designed to do exactly this – that way you can see how everyone is doing.

How long does this take to get online?

Every project has a different list of variables.  We do offer a rush version that can get you online within a week.

Online Education Systems

We offer two versions of our system.  The first version allows you to dip your toes in the water with a system using less options. Our second version is for those ready to rock & roll out the gate.

Done For You Packages

We highly recommend, at minimum, a maintenance package to ensure your website doesn’t get hacked, to keep software updated and to ensure your system is running on all cylinders. 

Ready to get started?

Get in touch or take a look at one of our demos.